Spring Training

Liam's 1st T-Ball Game of the Season

Liam's first T-Ball game of the season, April 2012. Go Hammerhead Sharks!

Bring on the spring! I’m ready.

Or maybe not (ready, that is), but at this point it doesn’t really matter. We’re in (wait for it…) FULL SWING here.

According to the roster (aka, my calendar), we have a full line-up this season. Yes, indeed-y, our spring training schedule shows at least one kiddie-centered activity a day from now until mid-June.

That’s right. Every. Single. Day. Know what I say about that? I say: GAME ON!!

Here’s my color commentary of any given week during our spring season:

On Monday afternoons, Paisley (the 9yo) is in a league of her own in art class, hitting frame-worthy masterpieces (which I really need to buy frames for) right out of the park.

Then on Tuesday afternoons, Paisley laces up her cleats for some spring soccer. I am currently her coach’s Number One Fan (see my foam finger waving in the air?): as an eco-conscious believer in carpools, she has graciously offered to drive Paisley to and from practice for the entire season. I owe her mad amounts of locally-sourced beer (or wine) and organic kettle corn (or chocolate) come June.

Paisley at her 2nd Soccer Game

Paisley excited for her soccer game, April 2012. Go Howler Monkeys!!

On Wednesdays, we really have the bases loaded. Before school, Paisley warms up by tickling the ivories at piano lessons. After school, it’s a double-header… First up is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for both Liam (the 5yo) and Paisley (while I work on my agility and speed-training during a rousing one-hour long game of Let’s-Keep-The-21mo-Toddler-Off-The-Mat-While-Also-Trying-To-Keep-Him-From-Screaming-His-Dang-Head-Off-In-Frustration-And-Disrupting-The-Entire-Class). Then it’s a slide into home for an early dinner in order to send Liam and Bill (who is taking a swing at coaching) off to the ballpark for their weekly T-Ball practice.

Liam and Paisley at BJJ

Liam and Paisley both successfully tested for their yellow stripe in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu yesterday afternoon. They are so proud!!

On Thursdays, Liam’s on deck as we return to the dojo for his Aikido class, and another round of keeping Broder off the mat (his cries of dismay clearly communicating, “Put me in Coach; I’m ready to play!!”). Thursdays usually involve an extra inning of Paisley’s major league Aikido class for older kids right after Liam’s minor league class, but for some silly reason, I just don’t have the stamina to spend two and a half hours at the dojo these days, so she is gracefully taking a rain check until this summer…

On Friday evenings, Paisley (aka Lyka Livewire) and I run on down to the Rat’s Nest so she can play some hardball on the Roller Derby track. I actually love taking her to derby; it’s two hours of sitting out in left field on the old, second- (third-? fourth-?) hand couch working tirelessly to better my win-loss ratio on the Solitaire app on my iPhone, while Bill serves as cleanup hitter on the home field and puts the boys to bed. Now that March Madness is over, I suspect Bill will once again generously offer to “relieve me” and close out the rest of the season; I think we’ll have to flip a coin to see which of us “gets to” stay at home!

Paisley at her Last Roller Derby Bout

Paisley at her last Roller Derby bout, April 2012. Now that's a Game Face!!

Then comes the weekend, and we don’t drop the ball: Saturdays were clearly made for T-Ball games (Go Hammerhead Sharks!!) and Sundays were clearly made for soccer games (Go Howler Monkeys!!).

Bill at his 1st T-Ball Game of the Season

Coach Bill at the first game of the season. "T-Ball: base hit every time!"

And just because it’s the kids’ Spring Break doesn’t mean we sit on the bench. Oh no. We might not be in the Cactus League (too bad, really, as a trip to sunny, warm Arizona sounds like a grand slam about now), but Liam cashed in his Christmas gift from Grandma (a week of any camp of his choice), and is currently practicing drills at Soccer Camp here in rainy Seattle. Sleeping in and staying in pajamas until lunch is obviously just for belly-itchers.

Yep, Spring Training is in full swing, here at the Hoven-Lowie house. So, ready or not, it’s time to PLAY BALL!

But, just wondering… when’s the 7th inning stretch?