Perfect Schmerfect


It’s not very often that the 3yo will let the 11yo “mother” him the way she’s wanted to since the very moment he arrived on this planet (I swear she would’ve nursed him if she could’ve), but tonight… tonight he let her wash his hair in the tub, get him into his pjs, brush his teeth, and even read him a bedtime story (Fox in Socks, if you were wondering). She. Was. In. Heaven. And clearly, he has the best big sister EVAH.

But just so you don’t think this is one of those sappy “look how perfect my life is!!” posts, please rest assured that, while this adorable love-fest was going on, the other brother was having a good ol’ fashioned, ear-splitting, foot-stomping (really, there was foot-stomping) meltdown because the same sister had been hogging the sink while they brushed their teeth.


(Have I mentioned lately how much I like wine??)

But still… looking at this photo makes my heart feel crazy full. In a super wonderful way.

So yeah, life might not be perfect, but it’s pretty dang good.

And I’m perfectly okay with that…

Calgon, Take Me Away!


After a hard day of working in the garden, and basically rubbing the entire backyard ON HIS FACE (at least half of which he kindly wiped off on his sleeve by this time), the 2yo totally deserved (and needed) a bubble bath… approximately half of which he somehow managed to pour on the bathroom floor in the TWO seconds I was gone in search of his missing shampoo.

Never underestimate how much a toddler can accomplish in just a few hours.

Or how good a glass of wine tastes after those hours…