Seattle Girl


So, yeah, this happened tonight…

And in spite of me repeatedly – REPEATEDLY!! – telling her she was ONLY getting her ears pierced, I could tell – oh yes, I could tell!! – that the RED-HEART-WITH-BLACK-BAT-WINGS (go ahead, picture it) tattoo flash she saw on the wall is going to show up in her dreams, in her drawings, and probably on her baby brother’s chest more often than I’m comfortable with.

She’s such a Seattle girl.

Ooh boy…

Is it to late to move back to Montana?!

A Born Politician


So, it was election night at the 11yo’s junior roller derby practice tonight (all the skaters had to vote for two individuals to represent them on the team’s Skater Council). Each skater interested in the position had to stand up in front of the all the other skaters and explain why they were the best candidate. My daughter, of course, was MORE THAN VERY interested, so gave a little speech… I *so* wish I’d been there to witness the awesomeness of this moment, but luckily another derby mama filled me in on Lyka Livewire’s campaign spiel:

(Go ahead and picture a room full of sweaty girls, ages 8-11, cheeks still happily flushed from a rip-roaring hour and a half practice, all staring at this living ball of energy I call my child who, I’m sure, has – skates still on – just literally JUMPED into the center of their makeshift stage.)

“FIRST,” she grandly declares, her hands thrown out to her adoring audience in her best imitation of a vaudeville performer I can only assume she knows about via Looney Tunes, “you should vote for me because… I AM AWESOME!!!”

(Quick aside: um, yeah, pretty sure EVERY speech should start out this way. Right?! But I digress…)

“SECOND! You should vote for me because… I have LOTS of ideas.

And THIRD! You should vote for me because… I will give you all CANDY!!!!!!!”

To which, yes, all the skaters threw their yummy little hands up in the air and (very very loudly) ROARED (yes, yes, I believe ROARED is the proper word) ROARED with approval.


Obviously, my daughter was elected to the Skater Council.

Of course.

Well, at least now I know what to do with all that leftover Halloween candy…

And yeah, I’m pretty sure my daughter is going to be President of the United States someday.

And seriously… I dare you not to vote for her.