Giving Thanks


As I tucked her into bed last night, and I assume in anticipation of Thanksgiving, Paisley asked me what I was most thankful for, adding the caveat “but you can’t name any HUMANS… like me… that doesn’t count.” Tricky! I thought for a moment and said, “Hmm, I guess I’d say my health-” at which point she cut me off and said, “oh, I thought you’d be most thankful that you could DRINK WINE.”

At which point she dropped her mic, and walked off the stage…

Well, she does have a point: I am thankful for wine (cuz, duh!!). But tonight, after a wonderful day of eating yummy food and walking on the beach during a glorious sunset, if she asks me her thought-provoking question again, and with the same caveat (because I really am most thankful for my my children and family), I think I’d tell her that, today, I’m quite thankful that the (blankety-blank) dogs managed to only eat HALF of ONE of grandma’s homemade pumpkin pies which were cooling on the counter, still leaving plenty for the rest of us… and I’m very thankful that I didn’t end up at the ER today after almost slicing my thumb off while cutting the yams (hey, I’ve only bled through three bandaids so far; that’s a clear sign I don’t need stitches, right?!)… but I’m perhaps *most* thankful for the fact that, in spite of occasional squabbles and kicks to the shins, my very favorite littlest HUMANS, aka my children, are actually FRIENDS… And for that, my heart is very very very full.

And I hope you, too, have had a wonderful holiday full of yummy food, no ER visits, perhaps a glass of wine or two (if you, like me, can and so choose!), and precious time spent with your favorite humans (and, of course, your favorite non-humans, too, even those who steal pie when you aren’t looking!).

Happy Thanksgiving!

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