The Big Reveal


Though not nearly as dramatic as his sister’s big chop, today Liam decided it was finally time to cut off his own curly locks (and, in the process, give up his only-recently-won title of Person With The Longest Hair In The Family).

He was planning on cutting it off two days ago (or at least that was the original plan he informed me of back in December or January when I asked if he wanted his hair cut – at one point he asked for a headband to keep the bangs out of his eyes, his hair was already getting so long – and he said that, no, he really wanted to grow his hair out and not cut it until the day after his birthday… in JULY), but when I reminded him of his plan on Monday, he said he wasn’t quite ready… Today, however, he was. Soooo… I brought out the clippers, gave the kid a lollipop, and sheered away; it took almost an hour, he had so much hair! (And also, I’m really slow. Poor kid.)

Honestly, though I’ve always loved the traditional (admittedly a wee bit conservative) buzz-cut for Liam, I confess I got a little teary cutting off those amazingly gorgeous curls of his…

But, hey, at least now I get to see more of that amazingly gorgeous face of his…

So that’s pretty great.

(And seriously, is he cute or what??)


All Smiles


Happy happy happy birthday to this adorable little kiddo (with the sweetest disposition, kindest eyes, most kissable freckles, and cutest dang toothless-wonder smile ever) who turns SEVEN today. May this next year bring as many truly happy moments and heart-melting smiles as this past year…

(Though I do suppose – and I confess it makes me a wee bit sad, as I absolutely love that gappy little smile – that all future grins will flash quite a few more teeth. Is it bad that I’m plotting out ways to convince him to give up baseball for hockey??)

Goodbyes Suck


Rest in peace, my Poncho baby boy. You were sometimes a cantankerous, don’t-pet-me-anywhere-but-on-the-top-of-my-head-or-I’ll-bite-your-hand-off, wait-around-the-corner-and-jump-out-at-the-dog-to-scare-the-living-shit-out-of-him, you-will-think-about-declawing-me-in-my-middle-age-because-the-toddler-seems-like-a-fantastic-if-mobile-scratching-post kinda cat, but you were also a purring, fireplace-loving, can-find-a-sunny-spot-in-the-house-on-the-cloudiest-Seattle-day, warm-my-peoples-feet-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night kinda cat… and you were my first baby. I will so very much miss your feisty and always charming little spirit.