Birthday Wishes


Happy 3rd birthday to this little guy!

May he always greet the world with such sweet innocence and wide-eyed curiosity.

And may next year he pick a MUCH easier cake for me to make… because I’m not sure my foot-stomping temper tantrum – okay, fine, tantrums – lent much to the general festivities of the day.

Also, I think I need to quit Pinterest.


12 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes

    • It took HOURS – mostly because the cake didn’t rise (thanks, crummy Seattle weather!) so I had to make a second cake in order to have four layers… And then, even though I doubled the frosting recipe, I actually ran out of frosting while finishing the little flowers (which took about an hour and a half, minus the time it took for me to throw yet another temper tantrum and then to send my husband to the store for a tub of cream cheese frosting – which made me even more grumpy, since everything was completely from-scratch up until that point)! Luckily, I got a very nice break while the cakes were cooling and before I started frosting: we took Broder to his very first movie at a movie theater, Monsters University, and that was lots of fun… And Broder was clearly VERY excited to have a party, no matter what the cake looked like… So the day wasn’t all grumptastic! 😉

      • Wow – I would have been really angry too! I have never made a layer cake like that…though I did once make a lemon cake for my husband’s b-day, and ended up using a TON of frosting to cover up and repair a chunk that fell off the cake when coming out of the pan. By the time the frosting was done, I used sprinkles that went EVERYWHERE (since the frosting had hardened). I commend your hard work and glad your son was happy!

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