The Portrait of the Artist as a Two Year Old


So… the 2yo decided to do some drawing… on the DOOR OF MY CAR. With a ROCK.

I believe he drew a duck, but my little Picasso is all about the abstract these days so perhaps it’s open to interpretation. Anyway, he’s very proud of himself (not sure if you can see the shit-eating huge grin in his reflection here… on the DOOR OF MY CAR… but it is so there).

I, on the other hand, am hoping that the next time he feels compelled to express his innate creativity he chooses a more traditional canvas… so that perhaps I can sell his masterpiece to COVER THE COST OF A NEW PAINT JOB.

6 thoughts on “The Portrait of the Artist as a Two Year Old

    • Yep. And just so you know: it’s WAY bigger than this picture makes it appear. WAY bigger. Just added to my overly full to-do list: try and figure out if there’s some way I can treat this disaster to keep the rust at bay… Grrr!!!

    • Ha! He didn’t even bother! Actually, I’m pretty sure he had no idea that what he was doing wasn’t allowed or okay… he was just having fun with rocks… Which is why I never did get mad or even wag my finger at him. No, I just quietly bang my head on the car door every time I go out to shuttle the kids from one destination to the other. Sigh…

  1. The summer before my daughter went into kindergarten she decided to impress me by carving her ABCs into my grandmother’s antique writing desk. I had a mild heart attack until I remembered that I did the same thing to more than one of my mother’s pieces of furniture and then I relaxed and took my karmic lump.

    • No. No no no. No karma here!! I didn’t do anything to deserve this!! Wait… did I? Shoot. It’s entirely possible… *HUGE SIGH* I need more chocolate. And wine. And something that will keep my car from turning into a giant rust pile in the Seattle rain…

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