Calgon, Take Me Away!


After a hard day of working in the garden, and basically rubbing the entire backyard ON HIS FACE (at least half of which he kindly wiped off on his sleeve by this time), the 2yo totally deserved (and needed) a bubble bath… approximately half of which he somehow managed to pour on the bathroom floor in the TWO seconds I was gone in search of his missing shampoo.

Never underestimate how much a toddler can accomplish in just a few hours.

Or how good a glass of wine tastes after those hours…

8 thoughts on “Calgon, Take Me Away!

  1. Mine can also accomplish aMAZing things in the bathroom when unsupervised. My son sometimes gets sloppy when he pees so he likes to clean up on his own using whatever is handy–someone’s washcloth, towel, hairbrush. It took me a while to figure this out and then my imagination went wild as to how many things had touched the toilet and then my person. There wasn’t enough wine for that realization.

    • Oh my GAWD. Oh. Oh oh oh!! I’m cringing just thinking about the hairbrush… And the washcloth… And the… Oh!! But silver lining: at least he WANTS to – or at least knows he SHOULD – clean up after himself; Liam once peed on the wall – THE WALL!! – and didn’t even bother telling ME, let alone feel compelled to clean up the mess himself. So at least you’ve got THAT going for you… Right??

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