Keeping on the Sunny Side of Life

Worshiping the Sun

That’s me: worshiping the sun.

I very rarely let myself sit down during the day – even for lunch. I find that once I sit, any and all forward momentum I actually might have mustered during the preceding hours comes to a grinding halt and it’s nearly impossible for me to get up and go do all those millions of things on my insanely long to-do list, which, for some reason, no longer seem all that pressing – or rather, I know all those millions of things on my insanely long to-do list are still pressing, but I just can’t seem to find the energy to care that they’re pressing…

And that’s why I don’t let myself sit down during the day – even for lunch – because I should care. Today, however, ended up being one of those very rare days…

Today was absolutely beautiful: deep blue skies, no clouds in sight, the spring green leaves on the trees fluttering in the slight breeze, and the smell of blooming lilacs everywhere. Today was supposed to be the nicest day of the week – perhaps the nicest day of the year, so far – with temperatures in the high 70s and, according to my weather app, abundant sunshine. How I absolutely adore that phrase: abundant sunshine... (Can you hear my sigh of contentment?) After the long, rather dreary, and VERY wet spring we’ve had, abundant sunshine is more than welcome. It’s downright delightful. And, as it turns out, delightfully dangerous…

…To sit down in.

Which I did. Sit down in. That’s right, I did. I sat down in the sun. For lunch. And it was good. It was delightful. It was dangerously delightful…

Because I did not get back up.

No, I did not get back up. The sun just sucked up all that forward momentum I’d been able to muster to that point (I confess, it wasn’t a lot of momentum, but at least I was moving!) and I really didn’t care even a little bit about that pesky to-do list (note to self: it turns out I am NOT solar-powered; indeed, the sun, it seems, actually renders me powerless). All I wanted to do was eat my cold pizza (leftover from my Mama’s Day dinner – I personally believe pizza delivery to be one of the best inventions of the modern world), drink my cold Sprite (I agree, cold beer would’ve been better, but it wasn’t even noon at the time and I have my standards – Hey! Don’t laugh! That’s rude! Okay, fine, so the beer wasn’t cold yet… Satisfied??), and read my book (I’m in a Neil Gaiman phase at the moment – American Gods – quite enjoyable). And never, ever, get back up.

I knew I should get up. I knew I should go back inside. But the sun was so warm. And the day was so beautiful. It was like I was having an internal debate between my sun-worshipping slacker self and my need-to-be-responsible mama self: Responsible Mama: I need to do the laundry. Slacker Girl: the kids don’t really need clean clothes – the 9yo prefers her jeans dirty, anyway. Responsible Mama: I need to pick up some essentials at the grocery store. Slacker Girl: Essentials, eh? Well, there’s enough wine to get us through the night, there are spare diapers in the diaper bag in the car, and breakfast for dinner is always popular (the kids will love you if you serve pancakes tonight – you know it’s true). Responsible Mama: Emails? Slacker Girl: Everybody else in Seattle is also enjoying the sun; no one will read your emails. Responsible Mama: This book needs to be returned to the library; it’s overdue! Slacker Girl: Overdue fees at the library are really more like a donation to a great non-profit, don’t you think? As I see it, you’re doing your civic duty by returning your books late. Responsible Mama: Well, I really should- Slacker Girl: Oh, please, you weren’t going to dust, anyway!

Turns out, my inner Slacker Girl is VERY persuasive.

So I sat outside. In the sun. Eating my cold pizza and drinking my cold pop and reading my good book. And having a delightful time.

And then the baby woke up and it was time to pick up the kids from school; Responsible Mama won that debate (and I’m happy to report, she won fairly quickly), and I finally finally finally got up off the chair.

The whole forward momentum never did really progress beyond a slow plod, though. The laundry is still waiting. The emails are unanswered. The dusting will never get done (but we all knew that). Dinner was served later than usual, though at least I served leftover spaghetti rather than bowls of cereal. Bill’s finally thrown the kids into the bath, and as I type this I’m noticing that the sun is still out (ah, longer days, how delightful you can sometimes be). It’s enough to get a (slacker) girl thinking: I bet that beer I put in the fridge earlier is plenty cold by now. And I never did manage to return my book to the library…

Maybe I’ll just go sit (and sip and read) outside in the sun for just a little while longer?

I hear the sun will be out tomorrow, too…

You know, I’m starting to think that to-do lists are highly overrated.

11 thoughts on “Keeping on the Sunny Side of Life

  1. I can totally relate. I made the foolish decision to sit down at the computer 30 minutes ago… Now my children are nowhere near ready for bed, and hopped up on cartoons and popsicles, but I could be ready if someone would just tuck me in…

    It was incredibly lovely here today – and I’m loving the smell of flowers in the air everywhere I go!

    • I think, especially here in Seattle, when the weather is this fine you just *have* to get outside, even if the kids don’t get to bed on time! Perhaps today calls for a nap in the sun? 😉

  2. I have NEVER in my life made a to-do list. Sun always takes precedence!!!! And I’ve discovered that basements are actually the best invention in history. You have dirty stuff? Just thow it all down into the basement and presto: no mess! Better still, when you have nothing (our apt. in China) nothing needs cleaning. (This while our severely underworked Ayi sits on the couch sleeping!)

    • So that’s your secret! The catch-all basement, and no to-do list, eh? Well, I liked my to-do list yesterday, which ended with “Talk with Lesley on Skype!” Yay! It was so nice catching up with you (though Ayi looked rather busy behind you, while we chatted). 😉

  3. There’s something about sitting outside that makes me feel like I’m “doing something” verses sitting indoors, which feels like wasted time. I’m so glad you got a moment to take a break!

    • I do sometimes *justify* my outdoor time when I’m working in the yard, but yesterday’s afternoon “holiday” was just that: a do-absolutely-nothing couple of hours in the sun. And I want to do it again today!! I hope you find some quiet time, yourself, to take a break. 🙂

  4. Oh, they are SO overrated! You need to develop a nice list of “slacker is awesome” quotes. Like: “A rested Momma is a loving Momma” and “I wasn’t slacking, I was meditating.” and “Let the Sun shine in!”

    • Those are great! I should definitely develop a Slacker Girl list!! Wait a minute… I think I’ll just steal your quotes… Oh, yeah! That’s how good of a slacker I’m turning out to be. 😉 I think I’ll just go meditate, now that my work is done – LOL!

      • When my always busy Dad would take a rare nap, he would always say, “I wasn’t sleeping. I was resting my eyes.”
        I love resting my eyes!

    • Ha! I probably *would* have had the beer if it had been cold, LOL! I have my curtains drawn today so I can’t look out the window and see the sunshine on my back deck; I need to actually get some work done while the baby’s sleeping! 😉

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