When the Tooth Fairy Met the Easter Bunny

Liam, Age 5

The child responsible for introducing the Tooth Fairy to the Easter Bunny: Liam, Age 5 and 1/2.

It’s not that some days are tougher than others… It’s just that, some days, I let it get to me more than usual.

Some days the sink is full again as soon as I finish washing the dishes. Some days I can’t see the floor underneath all the soccer balls, basketballs, and assorted other potentially ankle-twisting balls that have been unceremoniously dumped out of their basket for the umpteenth million time. Some days I can’t figure out why I’m tripping over what feels like every single pair of shoes in the house, which for some unknown reason have been removed and left directly in front of the door, rather than put away in the mudroom where they belong (and you know, thereby actually allowing anyone to USE the door – novel concept, I know). Some days I just want to vacuum up all those little Lego pieces, rather than continuously battle with the 5yo to pick them up.  Some days I wonder if my kids just like to fight. Some days (actually, this one is EVERY day) it makes me absolutely WACKO to nag and nag and nag my kids into putting their coats and shoes on (please, oh please, why do they require me to repeat myself at least 285 times?!).

And usually I am fully aware that none of these common, little irritations are particularly dreadful; they are (thankfully!) not life-changing incidents or horrific accidents. Most days, even if I am a teensy bit whiny, I’m also grateful for having good food to put on those dishes in my sink (even if the kids would prefer to live solely on goldfish crackers), that my children prefer playing soccer and T-Ball to spray-painting their names on the neighbor’s dog, that some of those shoes in front of the door are mine, that I’d much prefer Liam to play with his Legos than goad his sister into another cage-fight style kicking match, and that someday I just might miss nagging my kids into putting on their coats and shoes (well, no, probably not).

But sometimes, some days… well… all those pesky annoyances, when added all up together, can just really make a person – or at least this person – a tad grumpy. Okay, maybe spectacularly grumpy. Oh, fine. Grumptastic, if you will.

On the Saturday before Easter Sunday, my husband, perceptive guy that he is (poor, poor man…), realized that I was about one “You’re the meanest Mama ever!” away from sweeping every single toy in the house off the shelves (and floors) and into bags, to be carted off to some charity that would give the playthings to children who just might actually appreciate them, and suggested that we head to my mom’s house in Gig Harbor (a little over an hour’s drive south of Seattle) a day early; we were already planning on going to her place for Easter, so why not just make it an overnight stay? Why not? Do you have any idea how long it takes to pack up a family of five and two dogs, even for just a one-night getaway??? But… as the sun was starting to make an appearance (and who knew how long that would last?), and my mom lives on the beach (truly one of the prettiest places ever, I could admit in spite of all my grouchiness), I couldn’t think of a better place to at least try and get away from it all. Or rather, get myself a little much needed perspective.

So… three hours later we were packed and finally on the road.

My mom poured the wine as soon as I arrived (at 4:30pm; c’mon – I’m not that bad!). Bill took the kids and dogs down to the beach to collect pockets full of shells (the 9yo), discover sea stars and crabs (the 5yo), eat rocks (the 21mo), and fetch tennis balls (the dogs).

A crab on the beach

Liam (5yo) and Broder (21mo) and a crab (age??) on the beach in Gig Harbor.

And I felt my grouchiness just melt away…

Letting my troubles slip away...

Can you see my grouchiness melt away? There it goes...


The kids had a fantastic time rediscovering all the awesome toys that make Grandma’s House the most thrilling of adventures – and please understand, Grandma is very strategic about buying “the best” toys for her beloved grandbabies, toys about which she can proclaim, in mock innocence, “Oh, that’s too bad it’s so big you can’t take it home; you’ll just have to come here to play with it, I guess.”

Broder in the Jeep

"Hey, baby, wanna take a ride??" Broder waiting for one of his older siblings to drive him around in the battery-powered Jeep. They all particularly enjoy spinning out at the bottom of the driveway. Of course.

Paisley & Liam in the Bouncy House

Paisley and Liam (aka, the older siblings) were busy tackling each other in the bouncy house that takes all of two minutes to inflate. I so wish this would fit in our playroom!!!

After what feels like a decade of non-stop rain (I know I shouldn’t complain, after all it’s my decision to live in wet Seattle, but still – it’s been a particularly dreary spring!), we couldn’t get over the amazing, warm weather that compelled us to remove the fleece coats and stay outside all day long. While the baby napped and the big kids splashed in the hot tub (another “toy” I can’t take home!), I read a magazine (decadence!!) and finished the New York Times Sunday Crossword (my favorite!!) in the sunshine (sunshine!!). And did I mention that my mom made every meal that weekend (decadence!!)??

Spring in Seattle

The magnolia trees are in bloom - every once in a while it's nice to remember that the rain is definitely good for something!!

But what really put the cherry on top of the weekend was the 5yo losing his second tooth on the night before Easter, just as he was being tucked into bed. His little body was literally quivering with excitement as he shouted, “THE TOOTH FAIRY IS GOING TO MEET THE EASTER BUNNY!!”*

The kids were so jacked about this meeting that they woke us up AT 3AM (!!) on Easter Sunday. Liam proudly showed us the Sacajawea dollar the Tooth Fairy had left him (our kids always get Sacajawea dollars from the Tooth Fairy; in a rare parenting win – woot! woot! – I’d actually brought one of the coins with us in anticipation of just such an event). Though both kids were more than eager to go discover their Easter Bunny loot, we sent them back to bed; I don’t believe they actually slept, but at least they didn’t return until 6am…

While I hooked up my coffee IV drip, the kids squealed in delight as they hunted up all the plastic eggs filled with M&Ms and Peeps the Easter Bunny always hides in my mom’s living room (as it’s usually raining in the Pacific Northwest, the Easter Bunny kindly keeps the egg hunt indoors). This was, Liam loudly proclaimed, “THE BEST DAY EVER!!”

Their enthusiasm was infectious…

And I thought: if only I could bottle up that pure, innocent, unadulterated BLISS in a bottle, to bring out and use to spike my coffee (or wine, depending on the time of day!) on “those” days where I, for some reason or another, let all those dishes-in-the-sink and balls-on-the-floor and shoes-in-front-of-the-door and Legos-in-the-toddler’s-mouth and siblings-making-each-other-scream and repeated-admonishments-to-put-on-your-BLEEPITY-BLEEP-BLEEP-coats get me to the point where I just want to throw a good, old-fashioned, foot-stomping tantrum that would rival any of my children’s melt-downs…

Well, I guess I’ll just have to look forward to the next time the Tooth Fairy meets up with another bigwig childhood legend to get another hit of such bliss. The kids still have lots of teeth left, after all.

Or, I could just run away to my mom’s house again. Now there’s a thought…

Bald Eagle

One of the resident bald eagles flying by "Grandma's House" on Easter Sunday. Gig Harbor, Washington (April 2011)

* My 9yo daughter would like me to inform everyone that she was responsible for the Tooth Fairy meeting Santa Claus, back when she was “little” (she was 6yo) and lost a tooth on Christmas Eve, also at Grandma’s House, and that that, too, was a VERY VERY EXCITING time.



In apparent attempts to keep today from being one of those “tough” days, Off Duty Mom (you can read her blog here) has kindly nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award. Thank you!! It’s so nice to hear that my stories are even read, let alone enjoyed. You made my day!

10 thoughts on “When the Tooth Fairy Met the Easter Bunny

  1. Jill, thank you for making me smile today! To be honest, your blog always makes me smile – but I *needed* to read this one today!
    Continue being the great mom you are and a fine inspiration to the rest of us!

    • Well, I’m glad I could make you smile. 🙂 Maybe one of these days we’ll have to get the Howler Monkey Mama’s together for a much deserved wine, beer, and/or margarita!!

  2. Loved your pictures and story. Our Easter weekend was crazy. My post Easter post was about kicking the rabbits butt. In retrospect, even the craziness we will miss one day when our houses are quiet and we have to buy a beach and bounce house to lure our rambunctious grandchildren.

    • You *did* have a crazy weekend!! Oh my goodness. I think I’m going to take a mental note to make sure my future beach house has a pond stocked full of tiny (adorable!!) turtles for my future grandbabies… that’s classic. 🙂

    • Oh yeah, Grandma knows how to throw a good party, LOL! I must confess, we got the idea for the bouncy house from one of Bill’s sisters in Memphis, who found one on clearance on the internet. Mom wanted to get one for the kids for a Christmas present, and found quite the deal on Target, of all places – as I recall, the shipping costs were actually more than the bouncy house! It’s truly been one of the best gifts ever – so much giggly fun to be had! Maybe Lance and Lois want to get one for their grandkiddos? 😉

  3. You are such a good reminder to me to take a deep breathe and enjoy the bits of adorableness amidst the madness. That and watching the clock for an appropriate time to start Mommy Happy Hour. 🙂

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