My Toddler Peed in the Fridge

It’s true.

He did. He peed in the fridge. There was pee. Lots of it. In the fridge.

Because he peed.

In the fridge.

Liam, Age 2 1/2

The culprit, around the same time as the crime.

The story is pretty self-explanatory, actually. Exactly three years ago, on February 20 of 2009 (thanks to the handy-dandy Facebook Timeline for the fact check!), I started potty-training my then 2 ½ year old son, Liam. He was, of course, wearing “big boy” underpants, rather than a diaper (read: “not so absorbent”; this becomes a factor in a moment). We were in the kitchen (I’m always in the kitchen). I was bent over, looking for something or other in the refrigerator (probably leftovers – I love leftovers; leftovers complete me). He saw his glass of milk, located oh so not conveniently on the top shelf of the refrigerator, and decided he was thirsty. I, of course, was in his way, and he, of course, was too short to reach his cup. But, because he’s a good little problem-solver, he very deftly slipped under my arm and climbed into the fridge, stepping up and onto the bottom ledge – inside the fridge – in order to reach the top shelf. While tottering INSIDE THE FRIDGE, he finally managed to grab his cup, and, quite proudly, take a sip…

Apparently drinking milk has the same effect as sticking your hand in warm water: it triggered his need to pee…

And yeah. So. My toddler peed IN. THE. FRIDGE. While wearing his not-so-absorbent “big boy” underpants.

And that’s how I ended up with a little puddle of piddle inside my refrigerator.

So there you go. That’s the story of my life. Everyday there’s something. Honestly, with three kids, two dogs, two cats, and a husband – there’s usually more than just one something. (It might not be pee in the fridge again, but with an 18mo toddler quickly closing in on his own potty training, I really wouldn’t discount the likelihood that someday soon you’ll read another blog post about pee in my fridge. Or maybe in my dryer. Or maybe on my computer keyboard.) So. I just have to shake my head, take a deep breath, and LAUGH OUT LOUD. Because if I didn’t laugh, I SWEAR… I’d probably stab myself in the temple with a fork before I ever made it to five o’clock wine time.

And that wouldn’t be good. It’d be pretty gross, actually. Not to mention painful…

Laughing is better.

And it’s my opinion that laughing likes company.

So feel free to laugh at my expense! I’ll be joining in with you as soon as I put the bleach away. At least until the next time a toddler pees in my fridge.

21 thoughts on “My Toddler Peed in the Fridge

  1. OH. MY. GOSH! That is too darn funny. A must save moment for dating…graduation…and of course wedding. I once pooped in my dad’s slipper. I don’t admit that to just anyone, but I think it fits your story. Have fun!

    • Thanks, Melissa! I’ll have to be on the look out for poop in the slippers (LOL!). I wouldn’t put it past any of my munchkins, though one of the cats would probably be the responsible party. Of course, most of the slippers around here have been chewed up by one of the dogs, so the cat – or kids – might be hard pressed to find a functional slipper in which to do the deed! 🙂

  2. Haha! You make pee in the fridge sound like a walk in the park! I would take toddler pee over baby poo on the rug any day. Gosh darn baby boy and his need for nappy freedom!!! Sanity tips needed!

    • Ha! Yes, I confess, most of the rugs in the house were put away (and have yet to come back) that first year after I had a child. Luckily we have lots of hard wood floors, and not so much carpet – makes for much easier clean up after little (and large) accidents! Good luck!

  3. My husband peed on the carpet and he pees out the window, rather than walk downstairs to use the bathroom. Well, at least pee is totally sterile, way more sanitary than most things in the fridge. Also, never use bleach on pee! Amonia and bleach produce a deadly gas!

    • Well, we’ve always known that Austin is a unique problem-solver, LOL! 😉 Good heads up on the bleach/pee/ammonia chemical reaction – I’ll remember to just use soap and water next time (because you KNOW there WILL BE a next time)!

  4. I’m glad you had the link to this on your sidebar – I noticed the name of your blog and all I could think was “but… how???” Fascinating. Forewarned is four-legged, right? (no, that sounds wrong…) Anyway, I’ll keep this possibility in mind!

  5. Yepp. I agree. This sounds an awful lot like my reaction to my kids. I laughed out loud at your ‘fork in the temple’ solution, it’s much like my own. I need to instill a wine time in my own home. Hmmm….

      • That sounds great! I drink a lot of coffee to get me going through the day, and we will relax with wine or beer, but I need to start a TIME! Hahaha! I like white, so please enjoy a chill one.

    • Pretty soon I’ll start potty training my youngest, and I’m starting to think I should just line the whole house in piddle pads! Or would that just look a bit too much like I’d given up? 😉

    • Oh no!!! Though I haven’t had that exact experience, I have had enough food products and biological hazards land on my shoes over the years (thanks to the kiddos!) that I have often thought I should just start wearing my rain boots full-time… rain or shine!

    • Aw, thanks! And I quite enjoy reading about other people’s adventures in parenthood; it’s nice to know it’s not just me who thinks it’s a wild and crazy ride! 😉

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